Vinnie Paz - The Pain Collector - Digital Download

Vinnie Paz - The Pain Collector - Digital Download

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Vinnie Paz"s fourth studio album featuring the singles, "Blood on My Hands," and "Gasmask."


1. Winter Soldier
2. Necklace of Heads
3. Gasmask
4. Sundae Bloody Sundae
5. Jail Cell Recipes
6. Tongan Death Grip featuring Reef the Lost Cauze
7. God’s Shadow
8. DualTow Night Eagle
9. Blood on My Hands
10. Floating Goat featuring DJ Muggs
11. Byzantine Jewelry
12. Requiem for Black Benjy in 2 Parts featuring Crimeapple & Tha God Fahim
13. Pray for Sleep
14. HaShem on a Pentagram featuring ILL BILL & Goretex
15. Masked Stickups
16. Hollow Light Severed Sun
17. Cold in Philadelphia
18. Gracious
19. A Power Governments Cannot Suppress