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JMTStore is the official store of Jedi Mind Tricks, Vinnie Paz, Army of the Pharaohs, and Heavy Metal Kings. Back around 2003, this store started as an old bookshelf as our “warehouse” and a kitchen table as our “picking and packing center.” We had a handful of products that you had to click on PayPal buttons in order to purchase and then we stuffed the orders in the trunk of an old Corolla and drove them to the post office. Since then, the store has grown up and evolved, but the mission of bringing our fans dope, high-quality, reasonably priced music and merch hasn’t changed at all. As the winds of the music business changed, and as everyone touted direct-to-fan, we had already built the direct relationship with you guys through this store. More than 20 years after opening that first, makeshift store, and with your unrelenting support, we’ve become the main storefront for our music and merch and plan to continue to bring you more exclusive music pressings and limited-edition merch directly to you with the level of attentive customer service you've come to expect. We hope you’ll stick with us.