Heavy Metal Kings - Vinyl

Heavy Metal Kings - Vinyl

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Take two of the most respected and visceral MCs in the independent hip hop scene and put them together for one full album worth of brutal hip hop, and what you've got is both an easy candidate for some kind of album of the year award and an exercise in the fundamental passion that is unique to hip hop. That is the kind of thinking that led to the historic teaming of Vinnie Paz and Ill Bill for their highly anticipated endeavor: HEAVY METAL KINGS.


  1. Keeper of the Seven Keys
  2. Eye Is the King
  3. Impaled Nazarene
  4. Children of God
  5. Blood Meridian
  6. Oath of the Goat
  7. King Diamond
  8. The Vice of Killing
  9. Devil's Rebels
  10. Age of Quarrel
  11. Metal in Your Mouth
  12. Terror Network
  13. Leviathan (The Spell of Kingu)
  14. The Crown Is Mine
  15. Splatterfest
  16. The Final Call

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