Army Of The Pharaohs - Heavy Lies The Crown - CD

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"Heavy Lies The Crown" is the fifth studio album from Vinnie Paz's Army of the Pharaohs crew featuring the singles, "War Machine" and "Terrorstorm."


  1. War Machine featuring Vinnie Paz, Reef the Lost Cauze, Crypt the Warchild, Celph Titled, Esoteric & Apathy (Produced by Frank Dukes)

  2. Blood Storm featuring Crypt the Warchild, Planetary, Celph Titled & Des Devious (Produced by Nero)

  3. The Tempter and the Bible Black featuring Vinnie Paz, Planetary, Esoteric, Apathy & Celph Titled (Produced by Stu Bangas)

  4. Serpent King featuring Blacastan, Celph Titled, Crypt the Warchild, Planetary & Zilla (Produced by C-Lance)

  5. The King’s Curse featuring Vinnie Paz, Celph Titled, Planetary, Apathy & Esoteric (Produced by DJ 7L)

  6. Terrorstorm featuring Vinnie Paz, Celph Titled, Block McCloud, Reef the Lost Cauze, Esoteric, Crypt the Warchild & Apathy (Produced by C-Lance)

  7. Conjure the Legions featuring Esoteric, Planetary, Apathy, Vinnie Paz, Crypt the Warchild, Celph Titled, Reef the Lost Cauze, King Syze & Lawrence Arnell (Produced by C-Lance)

  8. Fed to the Lions featuring Vinnie Paz, Reef the Lost Cauze, Planetary, Apathy, Esoteric & Celph Titled (Produced by Twiz The Beat Pro)

  9. Sword and Bullet featuring Doap Nixon, Crypt the Warchild, Demoz & Vinnie Paz (Produced by Shuko)

  10. Wrath Prophecy featuring Zilla, Planetary, Doap Nixon & Celph Titled (Produced by Beatnick Dee)

  11. Conversation with a Bullet featuring Zilla, Celph Titled, Planetary & Vinnie Paz (Produced by Juan Muteniac)

  12. The Hate and the Blame featuring Apathy, Esoteric, Lawrence Arnell, Vinnie Paz & Crypt the Warchild (Produced by Todd Spadafore)

  13. Becoming the Absolute featuring Crypt the Warchild, Apathy, Zilla & Vinnie Paz (Produced by DJ Skizz)

  14. The Quickening featuring Planetary, Esoteric, King Syze & Blacastan (Produced by MTK & Kevin Lavitt)