Season Of The Assassin - Cassette/Side Bag Bundle

Season Of The Assassin - Cassette/Side Bag Bundle

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  • Navy Blue Side Bag
  • Limited edition double cassette celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Vinnie Paz LP - Season Of The Assassin.

The Diamante Edition includes: Season Of The Assassin LP on Blue Tinted cassette and Season Of The Assassin Bonus tape on Red Tinted cassette. Both cassettes are housed in a custom slipcover.

Cassette 1 Track List:

Side A

:1. "Intro"

2. "Beautiful Love"

3. "Monster's Ball"

4. "Pistolvania" (featuring Freeway and Jakk Frost)

5. "End Of Days" (featuring Block McCloud)

6. "Righteous Kill"

7. "No Spiritual Surrender" (featuring Sick Jacken)

8. "Street Wars" (featuring Clipse and Block McCloud)

9. "Ain’t Shit Changed" (featuring Lawrence Arnell)

10. "Aristotle’s Dilemma"

11. "Kill ‘Em All" (featuring Beanie Sigel)

Side B:

1. "Keep Movin’ On" (featuring Shara Worden)

2. "Brick Wall" (featuring Ill Bill and Demoz)

3. "Role of Life"

4. "Nosebleed" (featuring R.A. the Rugged Man and Amalie Bruun)

5. "WarMonger"

6. "Paul and Paz" (featuring Paul Wall and Block McCloud)

7. "Bad Day"

8. "Washed in the Blood of the Lamb"

9. "Drag You to Hell"

10. "Same Story (My Dedication)" (featuring Liz Fullerton)

Cassette 2

Track List:

Side A:

1. Pistolvania RMX

2. End Of Days RMX 1

3. End Of Days RMX 2

4. Street Wars RMX

5. Nosebleed RMX

6. Paul And Paz RMX

Side B:

1. Pistolvania RMX Instrumental

2. End Of Days RMX 1 Instrumental

3. End Of Days RMX 2 Instrumental

4. Street Wars RMX Instrumental

5. Nosebleed RMX Instrumental

6. Paul And Paz RMX Instrumental