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Vinnie Paz - "Tortured In The Name Of God's Unconditional Love" - Silver Cassette

Vinnie Paz - "Tortured In The Name Of God's Unconditional Love" - Silver Cassette

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1. Pistol Opera - Produced by Abraham Lilson 

2 .Invisible Ether featuring Method Man - Produced by Stu Bangas

3. Faith Healer - Produced by C-Lance 

4. Be Wise As Serpents - Produced by Bear-One 

5. Heroin On A Harpoon featuring Geechi Suede of Camp Lo - Produced by The Custodian of Records 

6. Curse of Canaan featuring Kurupt - Produced by Stu Bangas

7. Rambo Knife - Produced by Agor 

8. 3 Levels of Hikmah - Produced by Oh No 

9. Killpoint featuring M.O.P. - Produced by Vic Grimes 

10. Deadman's Hand - Produced by Stu Bangas 

11. Winged Assassins featuring Boob Bronx and Ras Kass - Produced by Nickel Plated 

12. a war chest and a propaganda machine - Produced by DJ Muggs 

13. Gunpowder Plot featuring OT the Real - Produced by C-Lance - Co-produced by Aaron Hiltz 

14. Slight Rebellion off Madison - Produced by C-Lance 

15. Father Yod featuring ILL BILL and Lord Goat - Produced by Stu Bangas 

16. Spoils of War featuring Big Twins - Produced by Beatnik Dee, Dj Rybe 

17. Loro Piana Robes featuring Thirstin Howl the 3rd - Produced by H. Potta 

18. Zafiro Añejo featuring Boob Bronx and Recognize Ali - Produced by Farmabeats